Unofficial aid for Minecraft players
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Looks like the app crashes ONLY on 1st and 2nd gen devices. The app is just too big for it to handle. We'll try to reduce the size in next update. Thanks!

Minecraft ADVANCED professional edition guide. Includes in-depth information, tips, tricks and much more.

Table of content:

- Essentials
-- Crafting
-- Smelting
-- Brewing
-- Enchanting
-- Blocks
-- Items
-- Data Values
-- Mobs
-- Programs and Editors
-- Mods
-- Texture Packs
-- Redstone

- Blueprints
-- Arenas (DBZ Stage,Gladiator Arena,Mini Coliseum,Pokemon Gym,Ultra Spleef)
-- Castles (Bodiam,Grayskull,Japanese,Marketplace,Modest)
-- Churches (Cathedral,Glowstone,Modern,Pantheon,Stormwind)
-- Environment (Bridge,Dragon Waterfall,Golden Gate,Modern Fountain,Stonehenge)
-- Municipal (Industrial,Oil Rig,Prison,Simpsons School,Town Hall)
-- Myths and Legends (Chichen Itza,Chinese Temple,Creeper Temple,Library of Alexandria,Mage Tower)
-- Pixel Art (2D Angry Bird,2D Lunch Rush,2D Nyan Cat,2D Peter Griffin,2D Scott Pilgrim,2D Spongebob,3D Diamond Ore Mining,3D Minecraft Cube,3D Skull,3D Treasurechest)
-- Public Infrastructures (Bank,Globe Theatre,Krusty Burger,Library,Mansion)
-- Pyramids (Aztec,Bio Dome,Igloo,Maze,Paradise)
-- Skyscrapers (Apartments,Highrise,Hotel,Lucky 38,Metlife)
-- Towers (Anti-Seige,Lighthouse,Medieval,Outpost,Watchtower)

- Seeds and Challenges (Normadic Experience, Alternate Experiences, Blockworld,City Construction,Double Ravine,King of Underground,Nuclear Apocalypse,Secret Room,Shafted,Skyblock,Tree Spirit,Underwater)

- Columns
-- Storytime
-- Columnists (Cupcakemann95, NatNoBrains, Rainfur, Daplaya177, Clean0nion, Eagleeye003, FireworkMaster9, Graeme582, Jdf2, Lachshmock, Legomarsm, Selib, Superspeed76)

- Guides and Tutorials
-- Archive
-- Newcomers (10)
-- General (15)
-- Farming and Mining (13)
-- Mechanisms (9)
-- Technical (8)
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