Price: $14.99
Version: 2.3
Platform: iphone, ipad
Category: Utilities
techBASIC makes it easy to collect information from built-in sensors, gives you the power to process the data with BASIC programs, and plot the results for visualization. It's the perfect tool--and toy!--for any hobbyist, student, scientist or engineer.

Here's what people are saying about techBASIC:

  "This app should come standard with all iPads sold."
            --Sir Cain

  "It’s like having a mini-MATLAB in my pocket!"
            --Susan Foy, Ph.D.

  "techBASIC kind of gives you the feeling that you’re messing around somewhere in your device that you don’t belong, which is exciting in its own rebellious way."
            --dancemonkey for

techBASIC implements the BASIC programming language for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It includes special classes so you can use the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to collect, manipulate and display physical information on your iOS device. You can also use your location and heading. Built-in matrix commands make it easy to manipulate and plot all of that information.

Run the G Force sample and jump up and down with your iPhone. Accelerometer data is converted to G force, collected in a matrix, and then plotted. You can see right away exactly how many G's your body experienced!

Need to plot a function or matrix? techBASIC is the best graphing calculator ever! You can use the built-in graphing and matrix commands to create a plot with only a few lines of code. And your plots are not static, even after the program finishes running. You can pan and zoom your plots or rotate 3D plots along an arbitrary axis. You get a choice of two or three dimensional Cartesian axis, or you can choose polar, spherical or cylindrical axis.

Every programmer knows Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology: There's always one more bug. When that happens in your BASIC programs, drop into techBASIC's step-and-trace debugger to squash that bug. You can view the call stack, variables, and even expand the contents of any variable in a scrollable callout to see the entire variable value--even the contents of a large matrix. Error messages that pop up in your code help pinpoint mistakes, and an online help system gives you all of the details about the language. A complete reference manual and a Quick Start Guide are also available on our website.

techBASIC gives you the power to write programs that collect information from the sensors in your iOS device, process the information, and visualize the results with plots you can manipulate right on the iOS device.

Currently available for an introductory price that is less than 1/100 of comparable programs on desktop computers.
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